Your WORK should reflect your spirit, not suck your soul.

Anyone can make a brand. That's not the goal here. I want to connect BRAND (our work, our career, our public selves) and SPIRIT (the soul, character, emotions) in order to manifest the vision for our lives.

I hope to create an process that will strip down the layers of defining ourselves and our work, then re-organize them into a clear, conscious direction and purpose. Beyond my branding credentials and experience, I aspire to bring a human touch as an empath and sensitive intuitive to help connect your authentic self with your public self, and your spirit with your work. Marketing meets mindfulness in this mash up of coaching, connection and compassion. 

I think of work as funding my life, not defining who I am. I have always felt paid to be myself. I made my work work for me, and that has been the key to staying inspired.
— Rachel Mae

A little about myself...


Leisure Expert. Mountain Dweller. Home Maker. Luxury Camper. Road-Trip Adventurer. Solitude Enthusiast. Advocate of Downtime. 

My gift as a highly sensitive empath with an unabashed enthusiasm for living life on my own terms has lead me to this path of coaching and motivational reflection. I am grateful for a thriving 20 year career in branding and marketing, which has taught me to see everything with the same potential and excitement as building a brand.

I believe when we acknowledge our true selves and live authentically, our work manifests around us like a web of support. My intention is to prove that when you have the audacity to live how you want, the Universe will always have your back.

Currently residing in the little town of Idyllwild, CA, my heart feels its calling as a business-savvy nurturer, combining my passion for leisure and self-care with my talent for creating a rich brand lifestyle.  My dedication to being my true self can be seen on the Today Show, in ViceLA MagazineRANGE MagazineCreate & CultivateLonnyThe Glitter GuideThe Chalkboard Mag, and as a speaker at The Unique Camp.