This is the second phase in my Personal Brand Coaching series, after completing the DECLARE Yourself session. The definition of "project" is to propel forward, like a ray of light, or to throw like a voice. I like to think of your website and social media in this way. Now that we have declared yourself and defined your brand, we will put it out there to the world (and the Universe) to begin connecting with the ideal people and ultimate projects and opportunities. 

At the end of this program, you will feel clear on your brand, confident talking about it and have your flow to consistently post about it.
— Rachel Mae


  • Together we create your Social Media plan & a simple Squarespace Page to reflect your Personal Brand.

  • We identify your Personal Brand Voice, Purpose & Strategy for how to best tell your story.  

  • We create your Personal Brand "Look", then shoot bio photos of you in your element, and snap your first few “template” content photos for you to mimic the direction. Then I teach you how to edit your photos for one consistent look using an easy app.

  • I guide you through creating your first few weeks of posts, and co-write the captions for you until you feel you have your flow.

  • Together we create an Editorial Calendar and plot for your continued projection of your brand



Week 1 / We Define:

We have started this already with the Recap from our session. In Week 1 we will review what we came up with, adjust or tweak to update, confirm our content buckets, and outline the basic sections of the website

Week 2 / We Gather:

Time to dive into the archives of photos for what you already have as potential content, and brainstorm what will provide content coming up. We will start to think of everything in your world as a potential post to support your purpose and cause. We will see your world like a documentary and find the stories. I will edit the photos into one consistent “look” and teach you how for future posting.

Week 3 / We Photograph

Once we see what we have, we will shoot what we need. We will figure out you in your element and capture it to tell your story. We will also picture “future you” and become her.

Week 4 / We Build

This is when I will take your whole story and put it on paper (well, on web.) I will transfer the words into a tangible website, and we will plot out your social media schedule.

Week 5 / We Launch

Time to put it out there! We will make the site live, and marinate on it for a minute before shouting it from the rooftops. Let’s see how it feels. Let’s live with it for a few days. Let’s revel in it ourselves before we show the world.

Week 6 / We Flow

Once you’ve sat with it, we will find our flow. We will figure out your best time and way of posting. We’ll think about how to keep this project feeling inspiring and not a task. We’ll start posting and see what feelings come up, and if it’s not joy and excitement, we’ll adjust. We’ll declare your new self and see what unfolds…


Total Cost: $2,500



The DECLARE Yourself and PROJECT Your Brand packages are required before moving on to the CREATE Your Lifestyle package.