With gratitude, from my clients...

Client: N.H. from Philadelphia

Transitioning from longtime corporate branding position to freelance self-employment:

Hiring Rachel as my Personal Branding Coach is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. Part motivator, part mirror, part therapist, part that “keep it real” friend... Working with Rachel has enabled me to tap into the best parts of myself, reframe negative thoughts and speak positivity/life into what I want to attract. I have a clearer sense of the direction I wish to go and have gained new clients that can support my vision. She has shown me wonderful things within myself and I’m excited to see what else I’ve been hiding! — N.H.

Client: R.A. from LOS ANGELES

Transitioning from Creative Agency position to starting her own agency:

Thank you so much again; I really credit you with a significant shift in my perspective. I’ve been thinking about our talks nonstop and it’s already impacted my actions. I definitely think redirecting my thinking/goals through our conversations has already helped manifest better work... — R.A.

Client: N.L. from Los Angeles

Freelance Creative pushing herself to the next level of her talent and career: 

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my time at the lodge with you. It was everything my soul needed at the exact right time…it truly felt like a safe space to share all of my thoughts/dreams/anxieties and I am so excited to start doing the action items we discussed. I already felt a shift from the reframing when I left and ended up driving back in silence just marinating on everything we discussed. —N.L.