This is the signature Personal Brand Coaching session and first step in the series. This is a one-off session with a goal of identifying your current self and assessing how your life is supporting that. By the end of this session, we will have a clearer idea of who you are, who you want to be and how to bridge the gap.  

We are our most important project. We need a plan.
— Rachel Mae


  • Multi-creatives who have a hard time bringing it all together under one purpose. 
  • Small business owners who have a hard time marrying personal life with career.
  • Burnt out hustlers and hard workers who forget who they are and have lost inspiration. 
  • New mothers who have given so much of themselves and are looking to find their work passion again.


  • Introspective Questionnaire to Complete Prior to Session
  • 2 Hour Brand Coaching Session + 1 Hour Recap Session
  • 2-3 Page Actionable Recap for your Personal Brand
  • Perspective, Inspiration & Motivation! 


  • Questionnaire sent 1 week prior to Session
  • Brand Coaching Sessions can be completed via FaceTime/Phone, In-Person (if I am touring to your city), or via Retreat* at The Leisure Lodge (my home, see below).
  • 2 Hour Brand Coaching Session happens the first day, 1 Hour Recap Session happens within 1-3 days after.
  • Final Recap delivered within 1 week of completion 

Total Cost: $500


Clients can complete this session and then take the results and run with them, or choose to continue on to the next two packages. The signature DECLARE Yourself package is required before moving on to the PROJECT Your Brand and CREATE Your Lifestyle packages. 


If you live in or are traveling to the LA area, I'd love to host you at my home for your session. The Retreat option is the same price, as it's my favorite way to host these sessions, and it includes:  

  • Guest Room with a King-Size Bed and Beautiful Mountain View
  • A Healthy, Homemade Dinner and Breakfast
  • Introspective Questionnaire to Complete Prior to Arrival
  • Guest arrives at 6pm
  • 2 Hour Fire-Side Brand Coaching Session
  • Free Time for Reading/Journaling/Reflecting
  • Morning Recap Session 
  • Depart 10am

Scroll photos to peek inside the Leisure Lodge --->