This is the third and final phase in my Personal Brand Coaching series, after completing the PROJECT Your Brand session. Brands are brought to life through our environment, day-to-day interactions and daily inspirations. In this package we find your flow to become your brand, from how you feel in your home, to your daily rituals, how you find inspiration, to how you present yourself with wardrobe and style. Now that you know who you are and who you want to be, it's time to set it into motion and start living it. 

It’s the little details in your day-to-day that have the power to support, motivate and inspire your vision for your life.


  • Together we define and create your Lifestyle Plan for the upcoming season.

  • We identify the areas in your world to bring your Personal Brand to life, ie: Your Home, Your Daily Process, Your Flow, Your Inspiration, Your Workspace, and Your Wardrobe
  • We re-style and/or organize each area to support, inspire and motivate your new vision.
  • Together we create a Process & Everyday Flow for maximizing each of these areas to "Become Your Brand," accelerate your progress and ultimately achieve your success.



Week 1 / We Assess:

Using the Personal Brand Plan we developed together, we will assess your current lifestyle and how it supports, motivates and inspires your vision. We will examine your current flow, habits and day to day routine. 

Week 2 / We Identify:

How that we understand how you currently tick, we will identify how you want to flow. We'll get down to the nitty gritty of how we can adjust or add to each area of your life so that it affirms and reminds you of your new self. We'll map out your ultimate routine and figure out how to make it work with you and for you.  

Weeks 3 & 4 / We Plot

Now that we have your flow, we will plan and plot for exactly how you would like your season to unfold. We will plot for how everything from your daily habits and everyday routine to your social life and downtime will reflect and ignite your Personal Brand and authentic self. We would plot and plan for a project for work, so why don't we plot and plan for ourselves? We are the project. We need a plan in order to manifest it. 

Weeks 5 & 6 / We Organize

Time to get our hands dirty. With our plan for the season in place, we will dig in to sort, purge & style these areas of your life to match the new you. If you are in the California area, we will do this in person. If not, we will do this in a serious of specific assignments and over FaceTime. We will spend one full day organizing your work-space to inspire, your home-space to support and your capsule wardrobe to reflect your upcoming season-- with everything relating back to your Personal Brand and purpose. 


Total Cost: $1,500



I am here to support your transition and reinforce your purpose and potential. After completion of the BRAND x SPIRIT program series, I am available for ongoing general support in the form of weekly or monthly calls, ongoing social media mentorship through "on call" text support or additional organizing/styling projects as needed. Let's figure out what will be most supportive in your journey and I'm down!